Waskom ISD CIA Office

News You Can Use!

NEW Instructional Materials for Social Studies and High School Math!!!!!

The CIA Office has put a list of login and passwords for online textbook samples. Please stop by the Waskom CIA Office website to view all of the samples.

We will be voting on the instructional materials for adoption during the first week of April.

STAAR Administrator Training

Though you roll your eyes
and heave huge sighs,
STAAR Training must begin.

Though you have no vote,
there's a glimmer of hope
and on that we do depend.

So focus attention, eat a sweet.
Full compliance you cannot cheat.
No messenger shall you condemn.
For from this training,
you SHALL transcend.

Middle School come to Curriculum Office
During your Conference Period
March 17

Elementary School we shall come to you
During your Conference Period
March 18
Frozen Parody for STAAR