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Ice Skating Races!

Come on over to Pluto's moon Charon for some awesome Ice skating races. The rides not long at all its only 3.579 billion miles from when the Earth is closest to it. Also there is no atmosphere to hold back radiation, and to hold in the oxygen, so its only a little slim breathing. And trust me when I say there are plenty of room for every one to skate and get going really fast over the whole course of the distance. Charon and Pluto are said to be the twin planets. And you think you have had some quick days on Earth well think about this. Well one Charon day is equivalent to 6 days and 9 hours on Earth.

Ice Skate Mania

Friday, June 14th, 9pm

Charon the Moon

Come out and enjoy the races!

The events

12-1 is the introduction

1-2 is the junior race, ages 1-10

3-4 is the teenage race, all teens

5-6 is the adult race, all adults

6-7 is the senior citizen race, ages 65 and over

7-8 is the dinner

8-9 is the award ceremony