war in iraq

Has it made america stronger

george bush

George Bush was the presedent who declared war on Iraq. I personly would not have done that becuase it has made our other enimies stronger. 
The men and women who sacrificed their life for this war are saying it is not a war they wished they particapated in. Though we it might be over, the real war has just began.
The wars America has paticapated in has made us Americans who we are. Though this is not the case in this war. I think this war has made America weaker. We are prone to a big war that may or may not happen. If it does, I think it will end in ways we can't imagine.
Mitt Romney may say we are a strong nation. He says we can fight any battle at any time. I promise if you pick Romney, it will lead to bad fourtune.
Obama is the way to go becuase he says that we are weak in fource. He says we might end up fighting wars we can not win. If you put your money to his violence, we might lose all our lives.