Fred and Rose West


They were a married couple who killed at least 10 young British girls and some of them their own daughters.

Fred's Background

- Fred was born on September 29. 1941 in a small town in England.

-He was the second of six children

- He was expose to many kinds of sexual abuse mainly in his household

- He said his father had sexual relationships with his daughters and he taught Fred to have sex with animals

- Fred's mother started sexually abusing him when he was 12

- He also had sexual relationships with his sisters

- He was really close to his mother, and left school at the age of 15 to work on a farm

- As he grew older he became more attractive to girls

-Fred was in a motorcycle accident leaving him in comma for a week and led him to having a metal plate operated in his head a breaking his leg so much that made it shorter than the other one.

- At the age of 19 he was convicted of molesting a 13 year old girl even though he didn't serve any jail time.

- Later he married Rena Costello who was a prostitute and was pregnant from another man.

- They divorced her to marry another woman that also had a child with him, he ended up killing her.


Rosemary's Background:

- Rose was born in Devon, England

- Her household was troubled and abusive

- Rose was sexually abused by her father, because she wasn't very bright and was a bit overweight

- She became interested in older men because of her father's abuse

- She moved out with her mother, but soon moved back in with her father.

- Rose's father didn't agree on Fred's and Rose's relationship, but she ended up marring him and having a child in 1970, She named her daughter Heather.

Fred and West Marraige:

- While Fred was in prison it was believe that Rose killed his first daughter in 1971, after her was released from prison he agreed to hide the body and he also cut her fingers and toes.

- His second daughter from his second marriage was the first girl to suffer brutal rape from her father while her step-mother, Rose, held her down.

- They hired 17 year old Caroline Owens to be a babysitter, but they also raped and abused her. She was able to escape and report the Wests to the police.

- Fred and Rose were able to escape with fines.

- during that time Rose was pregnant with her first son, Stephen.

- For the next five years the continue to murder young girls and they would cut off their fingers and toes.

- They had six children, after his oldest daughter moved out with her boyfriend, he moved on to his next daughter to sexually abuse them

- When one of their daughters, Heather, made the mistake of telling her friend what was happening in her household, Rose and Fred immediately, killed her a buried her in their back year

- Their son Stephen was force to dig the whole for his sister.

-They were eventually found guilty.. Fred hanged himself in his cell before his trail.. Rose went to train and sentenced to life in prison.

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