Denton Little's Death Date

Lance Rubin

Space Oddity- David Bowie

Denton is on the run from the cops, and his parents with his best friends mom and sister. Denton is their against his will and is becoming more and more paralyzed . After miles of the high speed chase they T-bone a car and cause a large wreck. Denton paralyzed and incapable of feeling pain is thrown through the window yards away from the real crash.

Lets get it on- Marvin Gaye

Denton and his girlfriend have been dating for over 9 months and have just confessed their love for each other. Both are upset denton is dying and feel they must complete their courtship before denton's departure.

Jumper- Third Eye Blind

Denton has less than two hours left to live and he is at him last prom. He didn't plan on going to prom but with the circumstances and realization he wanted to. He just received prom king and is making his speech to live life full and complimenting people to let them realize his true feelings. Its a monumental moment for denton and his peers.

Drugs You Should Try It- Travis Scott

Paolo and Denton are spending one of their last days together. Paolo convinces Denton that they should get high off marijuana. When back at their childhood fort in the woods Denton and Paolo invite the herbal powers to take their minds to new places.

Linger- The Cranberries

Denton has just made the trip from New Jersey to New York and is looking for this (safe house) Bryan Bloom has advised him to go to. He just escaped his old life where he was wanted for not dying. He's standing outside the address trying to contemplate what or who is on the other side of the door.