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Thomas Hooker and the New England Colony

By: Thomas Hooker
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I am a prominent British American colony clergymen. I am most commonly known as the father of Connecticut. Me and my followers are seeking Independence from other puritan sects in Massachusetts. We establish one of the first major colonies in Hartford Connecticut. I became the lecturer at St.Marys church at Chelmsford Essex and i delivered fervent evangelical addresses. A few years later i was ordered to appear before the court of high commission because of the lectureships. I fled to Holland and than 3 years later i immigrated to Massachusetts bay colony. I became the pastor of a group or puritans. I served as the pastor to the day i died.

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Thomas Hooker, i was born in Markfield, England in 1586. I am a clergymen an i am known as the father of Connecticut. I became lecturer at St.Mary's church in 1626. In 1630 i was order to appear in front of the court of high commission and i fled to Holland. I came back to the Massachusetts colony bay in 1633 and became the pastor to the day that i died on July 7th, 1647.
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Morgan Freeman- i have read this autobiography many times and am even more fascinated by it every time. With the sure detail he enquirers into the biography and how much he is able to explain it and is able to back up his facts. It is extraordinarily well put together autobiography.

-Harrison Ford- I have to say, i love this book. He described his life in every aspect and explains everything very well. Over all it is a very interesting and well explained autobiography.

~Logan Branson.