Yesterday afternoon a group of boys walked into a candy shop to buy lollies and one of the boys put a smelly old dead rat in a gobstopper jar and the owner got a fright a couple of hours later. The group of boys walked past the next day and it was closed the boys thought that she might of died of a heartattack, one of the boys thought he was a murderer. The group of boys went to school and they foud the headmaster and the candy shop owner standing their. The headmaster got all the school boys to get in a line so the candy shop owner known as Mrs Pratchett could find the group of boys that put the rat in the jar. She was yelling they were alot smaller than this!, smaller! Then she got to the group of boys and said their the ones! the group of boys got sent to the headmasters office and their they saw Mrs Pratchett sitting in te headmasters chair, the 4 boys got into one line and the headmaster told the first person to bend over and he got the cane. Mrs Pratchett was screaming harder! harder! Every boy in the line got the cane and Mrs pratchet was happy. Roald Dahl got home, when he went to jump in the bath hes mum asked him were did you get that mark he said i got the cane. Hes mum went out and went to the school and yelled at the teacher and when she got back she said that you are going to a different school.