PBSES Newsletter: Mindful Edition

March 5th, 2021

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Happy Friday!

"A new study suggests that mindfulness education — lessons on techniques to calm the mind and body — can reduce the negative effects of stress and increase students' ability to stay engaged, helping them stay on track academically and avoid behavior problems." (Resource)

Integrating mindfulness practice into your classroom can revolutionize the way your students interact and process their emotions. Try one of the ideas below or invite me in for a mindfulness lesson!

This Newsletter will cover:

  • The Why Behind Mindfulness
  • Mindful Weekday Ideas
  • Videos for the Classroom
  • Lessons: Mindful Mojo

Why Teach Mindfulness?

Research is beginning to show the incredible power that mindfulness can bring to children and adults. Mindfulness practices can help teachers and students manage their stress more effectively and focus their energy for learning. Mindfulness can improve cognitive performance, relieve stress, and build resiliency.

Mindful Weekday Ideas

Consider scaffolding your teaching about mindfulness by starting with a focus on mindfulness one day a week. Students can get a feel for the concepts, then you can introduce it to other days of the week in Morning Meeting.

Click here to start Mindful Monday programming!

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Videos to Teach Mindfulness Today

How to Eat More Mindfully | The Science of Happiness
Everyday mindfulness

Lessons: Mindful Mojo

Mindfulness Lesson 1 of 4 with Mrs. McD
Mindfulness Lesson 2 of 4 with Mrs. McD
Mindfulness Lesson 3 of 4 with Mrs. McD
Mindfulness Lesson 4 of 4 with Mrs. McD


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Refocus and Recenter

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