In the Den

May 2022 Edition

A message from the Administration and Counseling teams:

Dobie Families,

Every afternoon this school year we have paused for a minute to listen to words of wisdom from around the world (this is a component of our social and emotional curriculium-Project Wisdom). We've heard words from politicians, philosophers, and even religious leaders. So what now? What words will resonate as we wrap up this year? Have we made the impact we hoped? Our staff members spent countless hours supporting the adademic, social and emotional development of our students. There were many challenges, moments of frustration and even tears, but overall we had many victories, celebrations and smiles. To say we have all grown a little this year is an understatement.

As we find oursleves in the last month of school, please partner with us by encouraging your child to finish the school year on a positive note. They can achieve this by staying focused, completing assigments, doing their best on end of year exams, showing up each day, being on time, making good choices and BEING KIND!

"We all do foolish things every day. We say something we wish we hadn't said. We do something we wish we hadn't. We are too hard on ourselves about one thing and not hard enough about another. So our May goal is to do our very best to make wise choices and try not to exceed the limit when it comes to foolish behavior. Here's what American writer Elbert Hubbard says about this..."Every person is foolish for at least 5 minutes each day. Wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit." - (The quoted message is from Project Wisdom)

Let's make it a great last month, or not, the choice is OURS!


Dobie Den Recognitions

A message from the Military Student Specialist, Ronnie Williamson

Hello Cougar Family,

As this newsletter reaches you, we are in the closing weeks of the 2021–2022 school year. This has been an interesting year as we returned to a glimpse of what we remember as normal. In the remaining weeks when I meet with your military connected student, I am encouraging them to finish the year strong. Remember, is an excellent resource available to qualified military connected students to assist in academics.

As we go into the summer, take advantage of the recreational resources (see the attachment below) available in the surrounding area and at Canyon Lake. We all deserve some family time and to re-charge after a very long but successful year.

If you have questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful summer!

Take care,

Ronnie Williamson| M.S.Ed

Military Student Specialist

Byron P. Steele HS & J. Frank Dobie JHS

(210) 619-4121

SEL Lessons with Ms. Carroll

Final Exams

Dates: May 24-27

*NO EARLY EXAMS- all exams must be taken at the assigned dates/times. If a student misses a final exam you can call the front office to scheudle a make-up during the first two weeks of summer.

Final Exam Exemption Request:

*Final Exemption Request Forms will be available for pick up in the upstairs counseling office starting May 9 and are due to Cougar Time teachers by May 18. Students are still required to attend class on the date they are exempt. The following courses are eligible if they meet the criteria outlined on the exemption form.

  • Algebra I
  • Spanish I, II, & III

  • IPC (Integrated Physics & Chemistry)

  • Journalism I

  • Art I Survey

  • Principles of Business Marketing & Finance

  • Principles of Agriculture

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A message from CIS

Cougar Family,

We are in the last days of our 2021-2022 school year. This is my first year with Communities In Schools and Dobie Junior High and I have to say it has been a fun and wild ride. I have enjoyed getting to know a lot of students on campus and I will miss seeing them this summer.

To our 8th graders who are preparing for their first year of high, good luck and I wish you nothing but a successful Freshman journey!

I hope al our families have a wonderful summer. May you have some fun adventures and enjoy the down time. If you need anything prior to end of year, please reach out! I value your partnership and the ongoing support!

Best wishes,

Leah Amescua, LMSW

Site Coordinator at J. Frank Dobie Junior High

Communities In School-South Central Texas


Phone: 210-619-4136

Cell: 210-920-4818

Art Showcase

School Nurse

All medications that were provided to the school nurse will be discarded if they are not picked up by the last day of school.

Incoming 7th graders will need current immunizations to enroll.

Medical action plans are located on the Dobie website ner the Nurse tab. Please complete these and provide them to the nurse in August or during the first week of 2022-2023 School Year.

Summer Accelerated Learning (AL)


June 6-30 - Monday thru Thursday (no Fridays)

7:30-11:30 Breakfast and Lunch will be available

Accelerated Learning

Students who do not pass the Reading, Math or Algebra STAAR/EOC will be invited to participate in AL during the summer. HB 4545 requires students who do not pass or participate in a STAAR/EOC exam to receive 30 hours of focused instruction for the exam that was not passed or attempted. Science and Social Studies instruction will not take place during the summer.

Prior to receiving official STAAR exam results, SCUC ISD elected to reflect on multiple data measures, one being the NWEA MAP Growth, to identify students who may not meet a passing standard. If your student was identified as a potential canidate for summer accelerated learning, you may be invited to attend an informational parent meeting this month. These meetings will take place via Zoom or a phone conference. Please note, summer learning is not open to all students. You will be contacted if your student is expected to attend.

2022-2023 Dobie Information

  • Dobie Den Campus Tour and Information Day- August 2, 2022 (more information will be provided this summer).
  • First day forms will be available on the parent Ascender portal starting July 29. Please complete prior to the first day of school.
  • First Day- August 11, 2022.
  • Schedule change process will be shared after the first day of school.

Important May Dates


May 2- Principal Appreciation Day

May 3 - Algebra EOC

May 5 - 8th Science STAAR

May 6- School Lunch Heros Day

May 6 - 8th Social Studies STAAR

May 8 - Mothers Day

May 10 - STAAR Makeup Day

May 11 - School Nurse Day

May 11 - 8th Math STAAR

May 12 - 8th Reading STAAR

May 13 - STAAR Makeup Day

May 16 - 7th Math STAAR

May 17 - 7th Reading STAAR

May 18 - STAAR Makeup Day

May 19 - STAAR Makeup Day

May 24-27 - Final Exams

May 27 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL- Early Release Day

Mothers Day - May 8

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