Kitchen and Food Safety

Learn all about food safety

Preventing Kitchen Accidents

How To Prevent Kitchen Accidents:

  • Put Everything You'll Need Within Arms Reach
  • Keep Your Kitchen Clean
  • Turn Pots and Pan Handles Inwards
  • Don't Pass Pots With Boiling Water Over People
  • Be Wary Of Hotspots
  • Always Have An Extinguisher Ready
  • Always Wash Hands.

What to do in an emergency

What do you do if there is ever a kitchen emergency?

  • Get everyone out of the building
  • Call authorities from a neighbours
  • Call Poison Control (1-800-268-9017)
  • Call 911

If Burned:

  • Run Burn Under Cold Water
  • Take a Pain Reliever
  • Use Aloe Vera
  • Wrap The Burn In Gauze

Some Food Borne Illnesses

How to prevent Foodborne Ilness

1. Check For Cleanliness

Buy From A Retailer Who Follows Proper Practices Assures Food is Safe

Investigate Your Food! Does it Smell Clean? Does It Look Clean?

2. Keep Certain Foods Apart

Seperate Meat, Poultry, Sea Food from other foods in your cart - When you get home place them into plastic bags.

3. Inspect Can and Jars

Make sure not to buy can or jars that have a bulge or a dent in them. A Bulge could show that the food was under processed while a dent could have left a small opening which can lead to contamination as would a crack.

4. Inspect Frozen Food Packaging.

Avoid packages that are above the 'frost line' because that could mean it was sitting there for a long time OR was thawed and then refrozen.

5. Choose Eggs Carefully

Before you just throw your eggs in the cart inspect them to make sure they're clean and none are cracked!

6. Be mindful of the temperature and the time.

After purchase you have two hours to put your groceries away and not let it stay in the 'Danger Zone'. This ensures that bacteria doesn't multiply. Leave it to one hour when it is greater then 90 degrees Fahrenheit because of the extreme heat.

If you live far from the grocery store, turn on your AC and put the groceries in the passenger seat not the trunk, so that they stay cool and bacteria will not grow quickly.