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Written by: Cristiano Mendez

Sir Thomas Malory

Sir Thomas Malory is the author of the renown book, "Le Morte d' Arthur". This is essentially the only work he is known for. Very little is known about this author. "Le Morte d' Arthur was published 15 years after his death.


This amazing story has many conflicts. The most important being the battle between Love and Loyalty. Is Sir Lancelot able to stay loyal to the King, even while loving his wife, Lady Guinevere.

As shown in the quote below, Lancelot is love stricken for the Queen. He'd do anything for.

Then, as the booke seyth, Sir Launcelot began to resorte unto Quene Gwenivere agayne, and forgate the promyse and the perfeccion that he made in the Queste; for, as the booke seyth, had nat Sir Launcelot bene in his prevy thoughtes and in hys myndis so sette inwardly to the Quene as he was in semynge outewarde to God, there had no knyght passed hym in the Queste of the Sankgreall. But ever his thoughtis prevyly were on the Quene, and so they loved togydirs more hotter than they dud toforehonde, and had many such prevy draughtis togydir that many in the courte spake of hit. (588.10-18)

Sir Lancelot says that through all that has happened, he still remains loyal to King Arthur in page 674. This shows the brotherhood that these two men have with one another.

"For I woll allwayes fle that noble kynge that made me knyght; and whan I may no farther, I muste nedis deffende me – and that woll be more worshyp for me and us all than to compare with that noble kynge whom we have all served." (674.22-26)

It is truly a wonderful conflict that Sir Thomas has created in his story.

Critical Reception

Many critics claim that this retelling of the Arthurian Legend, is the greatest. It's very simple, and easy to read.

The story of Le Morte d'Arthur combines the French and English versions of this story. Malory draws on the work of many other authors, and also throws in his own dash of creativity.

This amazing tale has inspired our pop culture. Movies such as "The Sword in the Stone" and "Avalon High" are all based off this story.

Authors such as Edmund Spenser and Sir Philip Sydney, state that Sir Malory's story was the central influence that they based their stories off of.

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Le Morte d'Arthur has influenced our pop culture widely. Just look at the comedic movie "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail"

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