Walmart; It's Not What You Think

By: Brandon Hock

Backround introduction

Walmart, the superstore, that has been around for decades now and has been the number one superstore in the world, has many flaws and secrets that you have been oblivious to. Taking a closer look at Walmart on the economical scale as well as its social marketing skills you can see how, not so good, they really are. The 2004 democratic U.S. Representative, George Miller, even says "I'm not going to lie to you that Walmart is an ideal choice for a bargain but it's great deals are only present because of its greediness in worker wages and its foreign relation sources for product and production."
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Just a list of things that Walmart has done inside and outside of its walls and has negatively impacted the world:

-slave workers in third world countries making products for them

-below poverty level worker wages

-have made insurance unaffordable for workers

-several incidents of illegal immigrants working on the clock in which 250 police arrests

were made this last year across the nation

-several reports of workers hours being erased

-reports of workers schedules being changed and forced to work overtime w/o pay

-illegal SWAT assault protocol on any unions created within the store or outside

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This list is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find a lot more information by clicking this link


Many people choose to ignore the truth behind Walmart and go about there business. They enjoy the nice things Walmart has to offer such as free samples, discount prices on regular basis, and of course the bulk items that cost less. Who wouldn't want any of that? But understanding the reasons of why things are the way they are in Walmart is of the importance. Nothing is free in life. Taxes and everything else is here to tell us that. We must come together and conform about the existence of Walmart. It is an extremely corrupt being, in which, things may seem nice from the consumer standpoint but in turn is a nasty ride all the way back to where they receive their products from. Walmart is in fact the best choice on the block for a bargain. Over 60% of superstore sales in the U.S. Come from Walmart. The next leading competitor of sales is Costco and Walmart has over 300 million dollars worth of sales then them, 1.6 million more employees, and over 200 more of a market cap then them. ( But the truth lies not in statistics but in the countless police reports and hidden secrets of this confusingly successful superstore.