Class of 2016 Class Council

Meeting minutes 11/16

Cornell Leadership Conference re-cap and suggestions for the future

Core team with clear roles from the start so we know what everyone’s strengths are

Timing could have been an issue with why attendance was poor

Designate a class council liaison

Accountability, sub-committees food, planning spaces would be better than generalities in terms of group conversations

Different meetings dedicated to different things, smaller scale more involvement

Committees + focus groups and point people for each thing

Role for class council- how can we make this sustainable where we can work within class councils? Specific tasks that we are in charge of that report to Emily’s role

Tasks clearly delineated, use g-body meetings to talk about CLC and pass information off to CLC

Class council project head who reports to meetings, sub-committees from CC

Recruiting sophomores and juniors and have reps from the younger classes

Hold people accountable representing different organizations, liaisons from groups on campus

E-mailed over 50 orgs asking for nominations, commitment from people who are nominating people

People were at other events, cemented commitment that they will be there

Shorten the time of the conference

Move it later so no breakfast, cut costs

Breakouts without a keynote

Survey to indicate confirmation, indicate waitlist

Investment to get you to go

Get people from the waitlist off


  1. EVENT THIS THURSDAY! @ Loco, 5:30 PM (

    Share the event and tell your friends! Zinck's cards will be available for purchase, and those who have already bought one can pick it up here. The Senior Class Campaign will be there as well doing a photoshoot.

  2. Justine is looking into reserving a space for us to table about the event and Zinck's cards. Once she hears back, she will be reaching out to people regarding tabling and there is a Google doc Bobby sent out this evening with time slots. All of this is contingent on our request being approved to keep an eye out for more information.

  3. Possibility of messaging wines professor about inserting a Zinck's slide before lecture
  4. Justine is waiting to hear back from the Regent sales team to see if we can host an event there, we already booked Loco but perhaps can use Regent in the future

Blood Drive

Date: November 30

John is working on fixing the link to sign up to the event

Walk-ins will be welcome, need 80 pre-registered donors

Once the link is fixed, the cover photo and advertising will follow

Could use a Google form to fill out basic registration information if all else fails


Stef would like to spearhead a philanthropy project with our council, and we have frequently worked at the local, Ithaca level. Looking at ways to get involved with a school district, maybe give school supplies around the holiday time.

Philanthropy committee: Laci, Dorothy, Justine, Emily, Daniela, Alexa, Carson, Bobby

Senior Days

Senior Days applications are out, NEED more people to join the committee! Help Bobby and Dorothy by:

  • Like their page
  • Share posts about upcoming application deadline: THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20th at NOON
  • Send out the following blurb to interested underclassmen or your go-to list-serves: Want to give back to Class of 2016? Staying for graduation? Looking to develop your leadership skills? Love event planning and logistics?
  • Apply for the Senior Days 2016 Committee!! The Senior Days Committee works to plan exciting and fun events for seniors to celebrate their achievements at Cornell. Events include Wine Tours, Twilight Cruises, and the Senior Class BBQ, and you can be a part of the team to make this the most memorable Senior Days.

    Click on the link above to apply. Applications are due by 12:00 PM, Friday, November 20th.

    Please contact Bobby Dougherty (rld238) or Dorothy Zhang (dtz4) with any questions!

Check your e-mails from John about a time to meet with him so he can buy you food, he'll be sending out times he's available every week so if this week doesn't work, keep checking your e-mails!