Puerto Rico

A Magnificent and Unique Island

Puerto Rico's Political status

Puerto Rico is a United States territory with commonwealth status, this means that they are unable to vote for president, but it's citizens have american citizenship. Puerto Rico was once an island owned by the the Spanish crown, however, it was lost to the United States in the Spanish-American war, along with Cuba, Guam, and The Philippines.

The National Sport

The National Sport of Puerto Rico that is adored by its devoted citizens is baseball.

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Local Celebrities

The capital and its population

The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan and it's Population is 3,674,209.

Representative animal

Their are two representative animals in Puerto Rico; the Coquí and La Corta.

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Puerto Rico uses the American dollar as their national currency

Fascinating places

Puerto Rico is the home of many fascinating places that make it's island unique.
For example El Yunque is the home of the only tropical rain forest in the United States.
Castillo de San Cristobal is a Spanish fort that was used to protect the island against sea based attacks. The Arecibo observatory is the worlds largest radio telescope, one of the things it is known for is that it was used as a filming location for the movie GoldenEye. La Ceiba de Ponce is a massive park with a 500 year old tree. El Morro is a massive Spanish fort that is used in most of its pictures

music and Dance

A popular Puerto Rican style of music and dance is Bomba. Bomba is a music and dance that was introduced by the slave population when the slave trade passed through Puerto Rico. Another popular music style is Merengue. This form of music was introduced by visiting Dominican artists and still to this day a preferred music style among its citizens.

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