cell school


cell wall

The cell wall is like our school, The school has an outer wall on it that is like the cell wall because the cell wall holds the cell together.


The nucleus is like the most important part of the school. Example: the heating and air conditioning room. Also it is like Mrs Stanley and MRS Zandt's office's. And that Keeps the schools running.


The cytoplasm is like the boiler room the school is living it is running on motor in the school. And thats how the school functions with the motor so everything like the bubblers and the toilets and the electrical work.


The membrane is a structure acting like a boundary for the cell so it will protect the cell. so it will live not die.


The school lunch is feeding us proteins so that we can be strong and healthy so we can stay alive.


The furness or the boiler room powers the school so the mitochondria powers the the cell. it is like the power for the cell.


The storage room in our school stores stuff for us like extra stuff we don't need. And the vacuole stores food and water and waste for the plant. Animal cells have a few small vacuoles in each cell.

cell membrane

The bricks on the outside of the school for instance it is like the outer part of the cell, that protects and helps the cell and school stay up.

Endoplasmic reticulum

The boiler room and the other rooms carry the stuff in it that makes the school run which carries the protein and the stuff to make the school run. Just like the cell it carries proteins through the cell to keep it living.