Teacher Internship

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Teacher Internship is a full year class that allows us students to learn how exactly teaching works as a job and allows us to intern at a elementary or middle school and spend time with kids and help out teachers, but that's not all we also get a chance to step into the shoes of a teacher and make our own lessons to present to our students!

Information About the Class

First year interns go to their schools three days a week which are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Second year interns go to their schools four days a week which are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! While you are not at internship you will spend time in class learning about the tips and tricks teachers use to become so great!

Hosted by Mrs. Waller

Guaranteed to be Educational and Fun

Frequently Asked Questions Include:

How will I get to my school? -You can drive your own car their!!

Do we get to choose our own school to go to? -Yes you do and grade level!

How many credits does this class count for? -This class gives you two full credits!

Is this a full year class? -Yes it is!

Is the class hard? -If your willing to learn of course not!

What if I don't like kids? -Probably shouldn't consider the class sorry....

If You Have Any More Questions....

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