Friar Laurence


Romeo and Juliet is a Romantic Shakespeare play. Romeo and Juliet meet each other at a party and instantly fall in love. Sooner than you can imagine the get married by Friar Laurence and go through some rough things that Friar helps them with. Friar leads to a theme that people should always be kind and helpful. In the story, Romeo and Juliet, he is kind and helpful to both Romeo and Juliet as the story goes on.
One example of Friar Laurence being kind and helpful is he talks to Romeo about being banished from Verona. The play states "I'll five thee armor to keep off that word-adversity's sweet milk, philosophy- to comfort thee though thou art banished." (page 1057 line 58-61) This quote from the text is showing how Friar is helping keep the words banished off of his mind and help keep him happy. Friar Laurence is being kind, caring, and helpful to Romeo. Romeo took the words to heart and started to feel better. The theme that Friar supports was successful in this act.
In other acts of the play the theme kind and helpful takes place by Friar Laurence. He explains, "Hold, then- Go home, be merry. Give consent to marry Paris... Romeo by my letters know our drift, and hither shall he come." (page 1074-1075 line 98-125) Friar is speaking to Juliet about helping her to find an easier way to Romeo. The piece of text supports the theme because Friar is helping Juliet get through her troubles with Romeo. He gives her something to put her in a temporary coma to bring Romeo back. Juliet is the coma but later Romeo take it by mistake and the story end badly.
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Friar Laurence is kind and helpful in another part of the play. He talks to Romeo and helps him with his love life. A piece of the text that supports this is, "Be plain, good son, and homely in thy drift. Ridding confession finds but ridding shrift."(page 1030 lines 59-61) He is hearing out Romeo and letting him clear out his mind about Rosaline and keep him from getting upset. Romeo was not really feeling anything with Rosaline anymore and didnt know what to do so Friar helped him and gave him advice. Romeo found love for Juliet not long after.
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