Nick Baumgartner: On the Slopes

By Brayden Hanlin

Here is Nick on a slope during the Winter Olympics in 2013

Some of the things Nick likes to do on his free time are practice his next course, hang out at home, go to his relatives houses, and obviously compete in the Winter Olympics. This picture shows him on one of the slopes during them.

Nick's jobs

Nick Baumgartner won the gold and silver metals in the 2011 and 2012 Winter Olympic Games. He then retreated to off-road racing and won the rookie of the year "Stock Truck" award. And in 2004 he placed first in multiple snowboarding events including the USASA Nationals and the first USA Extreme Boardfest. He has also won two competitions in off-road racing during his four-year career doing that.

Nick Baumgartner's life through camera


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