Leadership Qualities

James Kunkel


Martin Luther: Luther went against the Catholic Church and publicly criticized them for their dishonesty. He risked great punishment to up hold his morals. I believe this shows great integrity.


Abe Lincoln: Considered one of the most honest people of all time, Abe is synonymous with honesty. He worked to always tell the truth and that helped him become a great leader.


Chip Kelly: The Oregon football coach has great vision. He is one of the most creative play designers ever. He pioneered a new type of offense that moves at a much faster pace and has been very successful with his new style that contradicts the old traditional ways.


Ray Lewis: while Lewis did not explicit great moral judgement through out his career, he remained with the same football team that drafted him until he retired. Even when he was offered better salaries on better teams, he stayed loyal to the ravens, and through this loyalty he earned 2 Super Bowl titles.


Bill Gates: I have chosen the founder of Microsoft for humility, not because of his great wealth, but because he chooses to spend and use it for great reasons. He has donated billions of dollars to various charities, as well as create his own. For being the richest man in the world, he lives a very humble lifestyle and continues to work hard for his company despite his lack of need to do so.


The Apostle Paul: he had such passion for spreading the word of Christ that he devoted his entire life to helping others see His glory. He wrote many letters to the Church's of the time and traveled very far just to let people know about this passion he had. He ended up writing many of the books in the New Testament and lead many people to Christianity.


Jesus: Jesus could easily exemplify any of these attibutes, but I chose him for purity because he is the only person to ever live that has ever lived a flawless life. He was perfect and taught his disciples virtues and characteristics that can valued by all.


Nelson Mandela: this man was imprisoned for over 20 years because of his race, and when he was released he went on to become a leader of his country. But instead of punish his captors, he showed great forgiveness towards them. He ran the country treating everyone as equals, even those who were not kind towards him.


Tiger Woods: Tiger showed true talent in his sport from a young age, but he became truly great because of his intense passion to grow and improve as a player. He spent countless hours a week playing golf and bettering himself. It is because of his great pursuit of greatness that I chose Tiger for excellence

Self discipline

Gandhi: when faced with great injustices in his society, Gandhi chose to stand up against people who held much more lower than he. But he did this in a peaceful manner, protesting against those who were acting unfairly. Even after he was punished by the government, he stayed faithful to the virtues he knew were morally correct. It would be very easy for him to act like everyone else and live in an unethical fashion but he had great self discipline and acted correctly.


Aron Ralston: The movie "127 hours" is based off of this man. While hiking in Utah a large boulder fell on his arm and left him trapped in a canyon. He endured 127 hous of intense desert heat before he cut his own arm off and found rescue.


American Colonist: the founding fathers like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington waged a war against their British tyrants. Had they lost they would face charges and would likely be executed. They also took up arms to fight for their cause, battling against the most powerful force in the world: the British army. The men of Colonial America had massive amounts of courage.