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Careers Guernsey Newsletter - Summer 2016

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Welcome to the first edition of our parents and carers newsletter

You are one of the first people your son/daughter will turn to for help with decisions about their future. So, we want to make sure you feel confident and up to date with information to support them.

Careers Guernsey surveyed parents to ask them what careers information they wanted, how they wanted to receive it and how often. A termly newsletter emailed directly to parents and available in the school newsletter, was the overwhelming feedback - so we have listened and here it is!

Let us know what you think of it in the Comments box at the end of the newsletter - we need to know if we are providing the right information at the right time so that you can support your son/daughter.

Hope you find it helpful!


Exam results support

Thursday 25th August 2016 is the day that GCSE results will be released. Whatever the outcome, we will be available to support your son/daughter with their next steps. Careers Teachers will also be available on the day in schools and staff from the College of FE and Sixth Form Centre will also be contactable to discuss any worries and changes to applications.

Applying for jobs and apprenticeships

Finding a job or an apprenticeship can be a challenging and daunting prospect for school leavers. It can get frustrating when your son/daughter has sent out lots of job applications and then hears nothing back from employers. Being persistent is important so encourage them to follow up on a job application - to check the employer received it and to also let them know they are still interested in the job.

Then there is all the documents they need such as Right to Work, Income Tax code etc. Our website has all the useful links and information to get this sorted, see Options after Year 11.

Applying for courses

Applications for Post-16 courses at the College of FE ( and Sixth Form Centre ( were completed in school back in March. However, if your son/daughter did not make any application or should they wish to alter their application and change their choice of course/subjects then it is not too late, they will need to contact the College of FE or Sixth Form Centre asap to discuss their application. If your son/daughter has any concerns or queries about their application then they can contact us throughout the summer holidays for some support.


In 2015 553 (83%) of Year 11 school leavers progressed into Further Education, 31 found apprenticeships and 36 found other jobs.
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Years 9, 10 & 11 - Changing world of work

Parents might wonder how they should be supporting their son/daughter with their career decisions, especially as the question 'what job do you want to do?' is no longer relevant. Take a look at this article we found which provides some useful insight for parents about some of the predicted changes to the world of work - Parents what you need to know about careers.

Year 10 - Looking ahead to options at 16

If your son/daughter is in Year 10, you might want to update yourself on what the options are after Year 11. Once they go back to school in September as a Year 11, they will be given information about Post-16 options and will visit the Sixth Form Centre and Guernsey College of Further Education to find out more. Here is your chance to get up to speed with what is now on offer! Take a look at the Year 11 Parents Guide below.
Year 11 Parents Guide 2016

Parents in Years 9, 10 & 11 will find this guide useful. Click to open the guide.

Year 9 & 10 - GCSE changes

From 2017 onwards GCSE subjects will be graded differently, replacing A - G grades will be numbers 9 - 1. Students will first notice this change in their GCSE results from 2017 with Maths and English being the first to use the new grading system, other subjects will follow in 2018 and 2019.

For more information about the new grading system for GCSEs click on the short video below


If your son/daughter has shown an interest in going to University in the future or as a parent, you want to keep up to date with what going to University is all about these days, then take a look at the resources below.

UCAS - Parents Guide 2017

Everything you need to know about your son/daughters journey to University

Guide to the cost of going to University

Information for parents about tuition fees and the grants available from Student Finance


Each term, the newsletter will include a feature on the work of Careers Guernsey.

New Careers Project with Year 6

Our Careers Advisers work in close partnership with all High Schools and Post-16 institutions across Guernsey and Alderney and this year has seen the expansion of our work into our Islands' Primary Schools. A Year 6 project which was piloted in 2015 is now being delivered across 14 Primary schools on Guernsey and Alderney. The project which is delivered in two interactive sessions, is all about raising aspirations, expectations and introducing pupils to some of the skills and qualities that are important in the world of work; it is not about choosing a career!

Below are Year 6 at Notre Dame Juniors proudly showing off their careers certificates

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Engineering - The application of science and maths to solve a problem

Thursday 23rd June 2016 was National Women in Engineering day and to celebrate

this event Guernsey College of Further Education in collaboration with local employers, hosted students from across our high schools to inspire them about some of the exciting opportunities to train and work in engineering on Guernsey.

Guernsey College of FE student of the year, Sammie Carre, and staff promoting engineering options

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What is Engineering?

Engineering is an exciting and rewarding career with high demand for qualified engineers throughout the world. Engineers help shape the world we live in, they design, develop and build things from the cars you travel in, to your mobile phone and the shoes on your feet.

What opportunities are there in Engineering on Guernsey?

On Guernsey there are a wide range of areas in engineering including aircraft, civil and structural, computers and electronics, mechanical, electrical, engineering design, manufacturing, marine, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, environmental and alternative energy, telecommunications, medical engineers, chemical engineering (plastics).

Engineers from Geomarine repairing the landing platform at Hanois Lighthouse

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How to get into Engineering?

Engineering is a vast career area with opportunities for people from all backgrounds, at different levels. Aspiring students need to have an enquiring mind and skills in subjects including maths, science, ICT, technology and design. There are different routes to study and train in engineering on Guernsey these include; BTEC engineering courses at the College of Further Education, A-Level subjects (maths, sciences, ICT and technology) & the IB Diploma at the Sixth Form Centre, Engineering apprenticeships and on the job training. There are opportunities to work on Guernsey after Further Education and apprenticeships in craft and technician roles but to become a qualified (Chartered) Engineer, students would need to complete a degree in engineering which can take 3-5 years at University.

Where to find more information?

Next term's feature career is Graphic Designer


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As Advisers we often get asked by students and their parents what careers they could do with their favourite subject. We will feature different subjects in these newsletters to give you ideas of some of the careers linked to subject areas. In this edition the subject in focus is MATHS. Maths is a compulsory GCSE subject as it is a vital skill that is used in everyday life and is fundamental for many careers. Below are 10 careers that use Maths:

  1. Aerospace Engineer
  2. Accountant
  3. Chemist
  4. Actuary
  5. Quantity Surveyor
  6. Meteorologist
  7. Teacher
  8. Research Scientist
  9. Web Developer
  10. Transport Planner

Click on the buttons below to explore more career options that use Maths.

Next term's newsletter will feature careers using Art & Design!


89% of parents surveyed by Careers Guernsey did not know about our website and the information available for parents. The website is promoted through schools by our Careers Advisers and school staff but as parents, you may not have had chance to hear about it so here is an example of the information you can find Have a look round and tell us if you have any difficulty finding information and we can sort that for you.


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