Flood Facts

We are going to learn about floods and safety during one.

Learn about safety in floods.

BEFORE:-Build an emergency kit.-Make a family communications plan.-Tell an adult if you hear a flood warning.DURING: -Listen to authoritiesand safety officials.-If there is a flash flood, move to higher ground.-Move important things to upper floor. -Don't walk in flood water.AFTER:-Stay away from flood water, it could be contaminated.-Stay away from moving water.-Stay out of the way of emergency workers.

How Floods Happen

Floods happen when heavy rains overflow a river , ocean waves come ashore on land, or when snow melts to quickly. This is the most common natural weather event.

Some Interesting facts about floods are...

1. The flood record for the largest tide was ten to twenty feet.2. The U.S goverment spent 2.9 million dollars in floods a year.3. Nearly half of the deaths in floods are in cars.4. The average number for flood deaths are 127. FEMA notes that floods and flash floods, happen in all 50 states.

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