Food Drive

To help hungry Title 1 children

Fundraising Goals

The idea of this food drive is to help the less fortunate children of Title 1 Schools get healthy and get a filling meal, even when their not in school. The less fortunate children who attend school typically, only get their filling meal during school hours. The goal of this food drive is to keep the children full, even when their not in school. Our project is mainly focusing on spring break. As Food Resource and Access Center report, “10.5 million children who qualify for free or reduced priced lunches, do not get it.” Therefor, your food donations will help a child in need have food over spring break.

Our Preferred Items

Why Should You donate?

The 7 Grey pod should donate foods (shown above) to title 1 schools because, child poverty rates are increasing quickly,students parents may not be able to afford food over spring break, and finally this project would engage us in completing a great deed.