Edwards' Math Mega-News

This week in math class...

Topic 1 Test on Place Value will be on Friday

Your child should review over the chapter in topic 1 and review prior homework sheets as a guide to study for this test. There will not be a formal study guide, since we have so many resources with this new math series.

Meet Mrs. Edwards

My name is Ami Edwards, and I am excited about having your child in math this year in 5th grade. I did teach 4th grade last year, so I know a lot of the class already. EnVision math is our new series of Common Core math standards. You may hear your child either adjusting well to it, or complaining about how much they have to do. Just keep encouraging them, because I tell them everyday that THEY CAN DO IT! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at school or email.


Ami Edwards