The Outsiders

By: S.E. Hinton


Ponyboy- main character

Sodapop- ponyboys brother

Darry- ponyboys brother

Dallas- part if the greasers

Two-bit- part of the greasers

Johnny- part of the greasers

Steve- sodapops best friend and is part of the greasers


The outsiders is about a group of greasers who stick together through thick and thin. The main character, Ponyboy lost his parents when he was young and has been living with his brother, Sodapop and Darry. The greasers love hanging out together and having fun. But one day their dailey routine doesnt go according to plan.

The main characters:

"Things are rough all over"


"Stay gold ponyboy, stay gold" Pg 148

"Lets do it for Johnny"

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