Treasure Map

February 1-5, 2016

Valentine Parties

Please plan parties for Friday, February 12 now that this is a makeup day. (Fifth may keep theirs on Thursday due to GT.)

Overview of Week

Saturday, January 30

WINTHROP GAMES for Back the Pack sponsored by Kiwanis and Rock Hill School District Foundation (see our website for flyer. Class with greatest percentage in attendance (reported by teacher or list created by parent in attendance) will receive a pizza lunch next week from Mrs. Guyton. Please let parents know. Men's game is at 4:00. Women's game is before that.

Monday, February 1

MAP winter window is open.

Tuesday, February 2

  • Required Nuclear Safety Training 3:00

Wednesday, February 3

  • Math coaches visiting classrooms

Thursday, February 4

  • Technology Coach meeting with grade levels during planning

  • Mr. Hood's Birthday

Friday, February 5

  • DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE (sold out!) Staff, please plan to come for even a short time to show support for this event. If you can't be here during the event, please offer help setting up. 5:30-8:30

State Testing Information

We do know the following:

  • Not timed!
  • No science or social studies test for 3rd graders
  • Science and social studies for 4th and 5th will be taken electronically ( hoping with IPads)
  • Science 4-5 will be tested in window of May 11-27.
  • Social studies 4-5 will be tested in window of May 11-May 27
  • Math and ELA 3-5 will be SC READY (not sure if they will be paper or electronic)
  • paper, ELA will be April 26-27
  • paper, Math will be April 28

As soon as we know more, we will let you know, but please share these dates with parents for planning purposes. If you wish to know more, please go to


  • You need to know any of your students that are not allowed to have photographs taken.
  • You need to know if there are students that have court orders in place regarding custody/visitation/pickup restrictions.
  • There should always be a radio on every playground and our daily schedule should be followed so we always have accurate information about where classes are at any moment of the day. If your schedule changes, please notify front office.
  • Students should not be left in classrooms or hallways unattended.

Fitness Idea

Join Run the Rock group on Facebook no matter were you are as a runner. New Couch to 5K group meeting at 5:00 am starting Monday in LA Fitness Parking Lot.