January Update

Happy New Year!

Hi Ladies!

HAPPY MONDAY! and Happy Back to Business! 2015 was a GREAT year! Holidays are now over and it's time to get serious.....WHAT TO ORDER FROM SPRING 2016!?!!!!!!! #stylist problems

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CLICK HERE For all the important info & dates on Sampling! Eek I am SO EXCITED


My list is HUGE. Trying to narrow it down and stay on budget.

A few tips that have worked for me in the past:

1. Have a sample sale. Clear out pieces you don't love, aren't best sellers and you think may be retiring after this season (List will be out in May). This way you will have more $$$ to re-invest in the new stuff! This is also a great tool to fill up your calendar with trunk shows! "Pick a date and select a piece for free"

2.Check out the Existing Stylist Recommendation Guide. I use this guide to narrow down my wish list and ensure my trays have adequate "stories" to finish the look, etc!

3. TREAT YOURSELF! I always try to be business focused but every season I select a statement piece for me.....YES, it likely won't be a best seller or even sell at all.But I think of it as adding to my collection and use it as a conversation starter!!!!

Resources for Spring 2016

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Collections of Spring 2016

My MUST HAVES from Spring 2016

1. Gilded Path double wrap: Double wraps are best sellers at trunk shows!

2. Relic Studs

3. Alila Lace Cuff: Perfect for upcoming Wedding Season!

4. Plait Cuff

5. Cage Cuff: Gold & Silver: PERFECT layering piece to any arm party

6. Terra Layering Necklace

7. Arc Pendant

8. Mondrian Ear Jackets

9. Isadora Hoops in silver: Finally some Silver Hoops! EVERY trunk show someone asks me!

10. GETAWAY OF MY DREAMS! Black and Creme!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY LISTENED. I predict a sell out on this one girls!

Statement piece: Stone Tile. I love the hits of turquoise and the matching finish the look pieces.

And as always, I am getting the scarf. I am a scarf ADDICT

My bag selection: The Crosby in Neutral.....perfect Spring Bag....and I might get the Hudson in a big bag!

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