Math Magician

2 to 4 players

Objective and Equipment

Can you make it though the challenging math world? Lets find out. To win you need to get to the finish before your opponents. You do this by answering all questions correctly. Questions and game pieces. Don't forget the sand watch. you will also need a piece of computer paper.


  1. Place all game pieces at start
  2. Place the cards on the card slot, depending on the color of the card.
  3. The oldest player roles the die first

Game Play

  • Role the die and move as many spaces as it says on the die
  • If there is a question mark on the space you land on take a card from the pile, depending on the color of the question mark.
  • If you land on a red question mark, take a white card. You may use a calculator on this question.
  • If you can't answer the question under a minute then you move back one space if you answer it right move up one space. If you get it right and land on a slide you must answer the question at the other end of the slide.
  • Keep track of how many answers you get right on your piece of paper.

Going through the Math world

As you advance through the game, you will eventually get to the finish. When you get there you have one more question to answer. if you get it right you WIN if you don't you slide down the last slide. Good luck and have a mathtastic adventure.