1st Trust Deed Investment

Current Offering

2029 E. Harding Way. Stockton, Ca 95202

2029 E. Harding Way. Stockton, Ca. 95202

Property Information

Unit Size: 45,351 Square Feet

Investment Information

Trust Deed Amount: $1,260,000 Repayment Terms: 36 Months

Note Rate: 10.9% Payment Amount: $11,445/Monthly

(Interest Only)

Lien Priority……………………. First Trust Deed

Appraised Value: $1,900,000.00 Protective Equity: $640,000

Loan to Value: 66.3%

Financially strong well-established church, with perfect mortgage history, a 700+ FICO guarantor and over 1 million in annual revenue is putting $540,000 down to purchase this 45,000 square foot former USDA Food Grade R & D facility.

This property sold for $2.5 million in 2013 but the current owner is in default, hence the price reduction.

Please contact us if you have further interest in this Trust Deed Offering, and we will send you the full loan package to review, including operating income statements, balance sheets, bank statements, appraisal, loan application, purchase agreement, preliminary title report, credit report, etc.