Alms Giving



Alms giving is one of the five pillars of Islam and considered an obligation for all Muslims to share their wealth, given to them by God, to those in need.

Why is this practiced?

Muslims believe in sharing their wealth with others to help them stand on their own. In the Islamic faith it is believed that all of ones wealth is property of God, and some of it should be donated as charity. It is also believed that when one shares their wealth it purifies their own.

When and how is it preformed?

This is Performed once a year, by giving 2.5% of ones wealth. This can consist of gold, silver, money, livestock, agricultural produce, or business commodities. Muslims may also give more than this at any time of the year, but only 2.5% is required.

Interesting Facts

  • In the Islamic faith, ones wealth is thought to be property of God.
  • Muslims believe giving to others will purify their own wealth and increase its value.
  • Sadaquah (truth) is a charity specifically for donating money that may be given at any time as well as in any amount.
  • It's also to embrace new believers.
  • ¨fii sabiiIillaah¨ meaning in the way of Allah.

How does this relate to us?

This relates to our lives because many people who are not Muslim also give to charity and donate money and many other things.