dont cyberbully its not good

Madison h and Janiya w


1.36% of young people ages 8-22 are scared of going to school and work cause they get cyberbullied.

2. Bullying is the main reason age 11and under childline (1).

the diffrence beetween real and cyberbullying

real bullying is face to face you can find an escape cyberbullying is no asfe space and its hard to escape


difinition of an upstander

an upstander is a indivisual who sees wrong and acts

A person whotakes a stand against the act of injustice or intolerance is not a positive bystander they are concitered a upstander

www.difinition of an /define upstander


1.ignore the cyberbullying if it keeps hapening tell and trusted adult.

2. find out who is doing itn and ask them to stop posting and saying things about you or a family member

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