The Bill of Rights

By: Brysen McKinney

What is the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights is a legal document that protects the citizens of the USA,giving them certain rights that allow them to voice their opinions and do as they please while staying within the rules of the bills.

1st Amendment

Freedom of speech and religion

It means we can say do or write almost anything we please and the government cannot stop you.

Court case: Svench V.

the man Svench yelled in a theater, "there's a fire", and has the people evacuate the premises. He went to court over the situation and was held guilty because the act was irresponsible and outrageous and was charged a fee.

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2nd amendment

Freedom to bear arms

The people of the USA have the right to bear arms in public if concealed. Also allowed to unload weapon if in defense purposes.

Court Case:North Carolina shooting

A man in NC shot and killed an intruder breaking in his house but he is being charged for murder and domestic violence. The man later won the case and was freed because the intruder was on his property and he had the right to shoot.

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3rd amendment

Soldier Quartering

No soldier or armed forced is allowed to stay or live at ones house unless allowed, unless prescribed by law.

Court cases:Police arrested for quartering to gain advantage

A police officer was arrested at a neighbors where he was quartered to gain a tactical advantage on a domestic violence crime in the area. The police officer was guilty and charged with quartering. The police officer lost the trial because he did not ask for permission but used force.

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4th amendment

Searching without permission or good reason

No one with force is allowed to search anything you own or you with suspicious behavior shown or given a search warrant.

Court cases:Being searched but for what?

A man was searched at a local corner store because of suspicious behavior shown to one cop. The man resisted the search and was arrested. He went to trial and won because the cop ran his video camera from the cop car and the evidence showed no suspicious behavior.

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5th amendment

Freedom of plead

You are able to plead your case about your crime and your stuff cannot be taken without being payed, and your only charged once.

Court case:Miranda V.

Miranda was given a trial because of his kidnapping allogation. His house was taken away without any money payed to him after him going to prison. He went to court again and was given the money.

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6th amendment

Trials as soon as possible

You are given a trial as soon as possible so you know right away how long youre in for or how much you owe.

Court cases:Mami

John Stakes was held in a Miami prison for 11 months before given a trial which he lost, but he stated was biased and unfair, he also thought the judge did not care for his pleading.

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7th amendment

Cases taken to federal court only if a lot of money involved

You can go to a federal justice if the money is over a certain amount of money.

Court cases:Nasa 72 million

NASA went to federal court over 72 million dollars. The NASA engineers pleaded that their new International Space Station reapair piece design was taken and the other company made the part without NASA's permission.

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8th amendment

Punishment is dependent upon crime

You serve the time of the crime you commited or the amount of money you owe because of your crime. Also no unusal or cruel punishment

Court cases:Miller B.

Miller B. was given another trial because he was given 18 years for kidnapping his daughter and having her live with her. His time was lowered because he did take the girl without permission, but it was his daughter.

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9th amendment

Freedom of rights

Your rights cannot be taken away from you no matter what you did or how you look.

Court cases:Justice O. Williams

Mr. Williams right to marriage was taken away after repeatedly abusing woman. The case was taken to court and Mr. Williams won the case because it was uncostitutional to take away that right from him.

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10th amendment

Freedom of Power

You have that power that is not stated in the constitution.

Court cases:Carol Anne

Carol was given a trial after putting a poisonous substance on her best friends mailbox. She pleads it was not in the constitution to not do so. She lost the trial because it was dangerous and broke the substance law.

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