March Technology Tidbits

Natalie Brucia

Google Web Store

Students are able to access and install Chrome Apps, but they are limited to what has been approved by UCPS.

Students can view and install their approved Apps by accessing the Chrome Web Store through the same process as a teacher. Once the student is in the Web Store, they will need to click "For" on the left hand side to see what Chrome Apps have been approved for them to install.

If you are interested in using Chrome Apps with your students and would like for me to help, please email me

Permanent Clipboard

Permanent Clipboard Chrome Extension

Do you have phrases that you often repeat while typing? Permanent Clipboard is a tool that allows you to save phrases with a friendly name at your fingertips. You no longer need to type "Awesome job completing your homework" every time you need to tell a child. This extension will save your phrase for you. If interested, teachers can add the "Permanent Clipboard" extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Please contact me if you are interested in using this extension.