Literacy New Year's Resolutions

Recommitting ourselves to a LOVE of reading!

Let's Increase Our Efforts to Read Books of Choice

There are so many incredible books for young adult readers. Let's challenge ourselves to read books that interest us. This is a great time to explore new authors or genres. We will continue to support this goal as part of our work in English class and would love for families and students to connect this goal to their reading at home.

Make sure to bring a book home with you to read during vacation!

Visit the TE library or your English classroom for incredible book recommendations that you can read while you relax this vacation!

Check out some book recommendations:

Research shows that reading just 20 minutes a day...

  • Supports building vocabulary by exposing students to new words
  • Promotes academic achievement that can be measured by increased achievement on tests
  • Build relationships when done together!
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