Getting Away With Murder

Paige Sargent

Background Story

A Famous American trial back in 1995, starring the one and only O.J. Simpson. He's was said to be the man who took the lives of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. These two were found dead outside of Nicole's on June 13th 1994. He had his very longand attention grabbing moments in the state of California. This case was very popular and controversial due to O.J. being famous.

Perspective #1

SImpson was known for being a loved NFL star. He played for two different teams and became very famous. He was the frst NFL player to run 2000 yards in a season. Many fans reconized him as "The Juice". He had a wife named Nichole and kids.

Media Bias

When O.J. was named a murderer everything changed. People had many different opinions on their NFL star. The day he decided he wanted to end his life was very dramatic and long. The whole day consisted of fans everywhere trying to either show Juice hate or love. He gained most of the medias attention, but for not just that day.

Perspective #2

The fans seen Simpson as a great person due to his role in life. The fact he was named a murderer just brought more attention to his character. Eyes were all on him even if it was good or bad. Many americans looked up to him there idol and some could not stand him. He claimed to not want to be alive after Nichole died but was over that phase pretty quick. Many things added up to him being th responsible one for both deaths.

Cultural Criticism

O.J. still had fans after the fact of him going through this madness. He was the "Hot Shot", and the man for his name in the books. The fans most likely covered there ears when it came to talking down on there guy. America is big on sports so he was a very important role model to many. He was able to catch more popularity than anything.

Historical Criticism

He has definetly made a dent in American History. He was brought positive and negative attention. He was a well known person through the screen but what was he really like in person is the question. People may never know him for the person he perseves to be.