Social Groups

By: Alitheia Rose


People transfer social groups to accommodate their needs, wants and beliefs. Many social groups have disputes caused by difference in opinion. Social groups tend to define who you are and what you stand for. My role in the Guatemala simulation was a peasant. We were treated poorly and unfairly. We were given minimal land and no education. Death Squads would come in and murder us as well. When we finally got down to business almost all the social groups aligned into one power. We still had our differences but we always found a happy medium.


Many perspectives cause many different outcomes. One situation I can compare this to is World War Two Nazi Germany. There were many social groups who never agreed and were in constant battle. The Nazis saw what they were doing and they thought they were making Germany great again. On the other hand the Jewish citizens saw this as pointless deaths and mass killings of innocent people. The Jewish citizens wanted freedom and privileges and rights just like the peasants did in the simulation. The Nazies can be compaired to the Army and Wealthy because they only craved power and strength. Multiple perspectives can cause so much disruption and confusion.


When you walk into the cafeteria at lunch you can distinctly see the different social groups. There are Jocks, Populars, “Nerds”, “Wanna Bes” etc. The different social groups have there different problems, but when you combined them… That’s when things get crazy. The Populars and the “Wanna Bes” have a lot of conflict. They are always fighting about boys/girls and they always think they are correct (most of the time). I do not feel as though I personally have a social group. I feel like I fit in with almost all of the groups. It is hard for me to identify my social group when I do not see myself having one in the first place. Social groups define who you are. Sometimes it's a struggle to find here you fit perfectl