By: Isaac Asimov


The main character Sam was transported to a neutron star.

Rising action

Sam worried of reports about the hallucinations and people on the neutron star said to forget or he might get transported back to earth.


Sam saw smoke that turned into a replica of him and supposedly was communicating with him, but when dr. gentry watched the recording of Sam all he saw was same talking to himself and nothing else there around him.

Falling action

Sam shows the smoke that turned out to be insects to the doctor.


They re-stationed the orbit the planet so they can study the insect but Sam got sent home.


Sam got sent to a neutron star to see if they could harness the energy to use for earth. Unfortunately people who were sent before him reported hallucinations. Sam found that the hallucination people saw was smoke that could turn into the shape of what people are thinking. The Dr. found out and wanted to send Sam home but sam refused and found that the smoke was accually insects on the planet so they reobited the planet so they could study the insect but sam was still sent home.

How the story connect to the idea of a challenge

The story relates to a challenge by the hallucinations that occurred in the story. Because of the main character fighting the doctor not to get sent back to earth and trying to find the cause of the hallucinations that lead to the studing of what was causing the hallucinations the insect even though in the end he still got sent home.


The conflict was the people reported hallucinations and sam was one of them that actually endured it. He found the smoke causing the hallucinations were the insets of the neutron star. The re-orbited the star in order to study the insects and sent Sam home.



A. Protagonist

Sam- he was a 15 year old sent to a neutron star as a test subject to help use the energy and he helped to find that the hallucinations reported was by insects that were on the planet

B. Antagonist

Gentry- he was the doctor helping the test subjects and almost sent Sam home but After Sam found the hallucination the changed the orbit of the star and ended up sending sam home


The point of the story

The Challenge sam was given was to never give up. Sam had saw what the Dr. called and illusion but he knew he didn’t see you and proved to the Dr. that he did see what he saw and didn’t give up till he did.


How this story relate to real life

This story relates to real life because if you give up you wont get anything accomplished and you wont get anywhere and if you don't complete things ,if your in a job you will get fired, if your at school you will get an F, and more things that will bring you down and tare you apart will come.(Not literally)