My Summer Plans

By: Jerianna Hostetler

Hanging Out With Friends

We will most likely go to the mall, water park, to the river, and have sleep overs.


I will be babysitting in my time over summer break. I babysit when I can. I babysit to make money so I can do fun things. Go shopping, going to the movies, and fun things like that.


During the summer I go jeeping with my family on the weekends. We go for fun, and just to enjoy the summer. This time that we go jeeping is family time. We can still have friends come with us. I enjoy spending time with my family over the summer.

Mud Drags

We also go to the mud drags during the summer. Mud drags is just a hobby my family has picked up over the years. I enjoy it very much.

Henry Doorly Zoo

I enjoy taking family trips to the zoo with my family. We go for fun and just enjoy the time there. We sometimes get to just walk around on our own without my stepmom.

Ponca State Park

For my mom's side of the family we go to Ponca State Park for a family reunion. We go in July and spend the weekend there. During this time I get to spend time with my family that I don't see that often.