Australin Kangaroo

BY Kaedon Leon Fowler


This animal could compete in the Olympics. It runs up to 43 miles per hour! Could it compete with a cheetah, though, is the question? In this article you will learn never before learned facts. Until now of course. About a very special animal that goes by the name of ''Kangaroo". One final thing is that in this article you will learn about the physical characteristics, food chains and food webs ,and fun facts about a kangaroo.

Physical Characteristics

The kangaroo has fun and unique physical characteristics.First average height of a kangaroo is 5.25 feet. Then the average weight of a kangaroo is 90 kilogram. Also a kangaroo doesn't make a sound but, they do look furry also they are soft till they are frighten IT is also good to note they cant walk backwards. The amazing kangaroo is more of a calm animal It is not a hunter. It is more docile than a predator.Finally kangaroos are herbivores which means they only eat plants.

Food chains And Food webs

Do you know what a kangaroo is? Well kangaroos eat a lot of grass and because of this they are herbivores.kangaroo are mostly prey for humans and dingoes in Australia. Also kangaroos get eaten more BY other animals than kangaroos eat other animals. Last but not least the kangaroos food chain goes like this: Sun, grass, kangaroo, dingo, people and then the cycle starts all over again

Fun Facts

Fun facts well..... They're fun to learn about.The animal we call the kangaroo can live up to 9 to 23 years old. Discovery of the kangaroo was back in 1629! If you were wondering whether or not a kangaroo would make a good pet, keep reading. It IS trainable, but you'll need patience like you will with any animal and a good bit of money. Kangaroos do give live birth like humans and they can have up to 3 joeys. Kangaroos are part of the macropods family and that is the kangaroos classified name.


Well I hope we see a kangaroo in the Olympics. It does run up to 43 miles per hour after all. I hope you enjoyed learning about the Physical characteristics, food chains and food webs, and fun facts. One more thing if you ever go to Australia or you are there do me a favor and hug a kangaroo. Its safe to hug one....... I think.

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