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October 2, 2019

Dear Woodlawn Families,

Thank you for a great start to our 19-20 school year. We hope you have had the chance to visit the school either at our Back to School Bash, Open House, Parent Lunch or parent/teacher conference. We have additional family activities (walk to school day, parent lunch, fall festival, etc.) listed below and hope to see you there!

Please be reminded our learning day is 8:45-2:55. When scholars come late or leave early, they are missing valuable instruction that cannot be replaced. Thank you for ensuring your child is at school each day all day. Our goal is to have all scholars at school by 8:30 for announcements in the cafeteria.

Please continue to monitor your child’s behavior data using Class Dojo. We appreciate your support with ensuring your child follows the school guidelines, DIVES. Demonstrate Respect, Initiate Cooperation, Value Honest, Exercise Responsibility and Show Compassion. Class Dojo, school email and student agendas are all ways you can communication with your child’s teacher, which is the first person you should speak to if you have questions or concerns.


Ms. Keiper, Principal


October 2, 2019

Our outstanding teachers are dedicated to our students and to our vision of 100% student success. They are all certified by the state of Florida. In addition, they attend workshops and trainings designed to support them and offer strategies to help our students achieve.

Teachers selection and scheduling can be a challenging process. Occasionally it becomes necessary to assign a course to a teacher for which he/she is not currently certified. These decisions are made with consideration to teacher competence and with continual commitment to highest student achievement.

Any teacher assigned out-of-field is chosen carefully, given additional district support, and is expected to work toward appropriate certification in a timely manner. This includes the following:

Ms. Madison DelDuca - ESOL Endorsement

Ms. Sharon Ditata - ESOL Endorsement

Ms. Delia Doss - ESOL Endorsement

Ms. Ashlee Ford - ESOL Endorsement

Mr. Cooper Hammond - Elementary Ed K-6

Ms. Sharmae Lamar - ESOL Endorsement

Mr. John Low - ESOL Endorsement

Ms. Rebecca Ott - ESOL Endorsement

Ms. Kristina Tracy - ESOL Endorsement




Our celebration will be held on Friday, October 25th at our amphitheater at 9:00AM. Invitations will go home with students receiving awards.


Calling all Dad's, Grandfathers, Uncles . . . you are invited to attend Woodlawn Elementary's 1st monthly All Pro Dad's Meeting with your child. Our first meeting will be Friday, October 11th at 7:40AM in our Media Center. Breakfast will be provided.

You can sign up at: www.allprodadsday.com/chapters/10848

If you would like to be a captain of the All Pro Dad's Team, please contact Woodlawn Elementary at 727-893-1857.


Start with Hello is a nationally recognized week of action. Students are encouraged to practice saying hello to classmates and include the classmate's name in their greeting. This gets each student's daily conversation off to a positive start. Students are encouraged to share the positive feelings in class meetings, of how they felt when students greeted them in the morning with a nice hello and their name, growing a positive school culture. We have a Start with Hello poster contest this week at Woodlawn, where K-2 students draw a picture of what it feels like when classmates recognize each other in a positive way, and 3rd - 5th grade students write a paragraph talking about why it's important to be positive to each and every person we communicate with, accompanied by a picture (optional). Our school counselor will choose some exemplary posters to hang in the main hallway.

Great American Teach In

You have the power to enrich a child's life - in as little as 30 minutes.

The Duke Energy Great American Teach-In is part of Pinellas County Schools' annual American

Education Week celebration. This an special opportunity for you to visit our school and share what you know with a new generation. This year's event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 2019. Opportunities are available from 9am to 2pm You may choose to stay for a half hour or for the whole day! The amount of time you volunteer is determined by what your schedule permits. Whatever the length of your visit, you can make a difference. Thousands of previous Teach-In participants have discovered the experience is truly rewarding.

Please email Susan Whitton at: whittons@pcsb.org if you are interested in participating.

Thank you in advance for making a difference!

Title I Annual Meeting

If you missed our Title I Meeting you can view it on our website at:



Parent Lunch at Woodlawn

You are invited to join your child for Lunch!

When: Friday, October 18th

The lunch times are listed below and must be adhered to. (Siblings must come at their assigned times as to not lose any instructional time.)

Thank you for your understanding.

Kindergarten – 11:05 – 11:35

5th Grade – 11:20 – 11:50

3rd Grade – 11:40 – 12:10

Pre-K 3&4—11:45-12:15

2nd Grade—11:55-12:25

4th Grade – 12:15 – 12:45

1st Grade – 12:30 – 1:00

****Please arrive 10 minutes early with your ID to allow time for getting signed in at the front office.

Commitment to Character - Cooperation: "Getting Along with others and working together."

Dinner Dilemmas Purpose: To create family discussions that promotes Character Education in Pinellas County.

Dinner Dilemmas are designed to go home once a month with the students. Schools that send home a weekly newsletter could print one dilemma each week in its publication. During the week families are asked to discuss the dilemma. It is hoped that families will talk about the dilemma and decide how the character quality of the month relates to the situation presented. It is further hoped that families will discuss the dilemma of the week and decide how the character quality of the month applies to each family member.

Week 1

Situation: One evening Sam’s dad says he will take the family out for ice cream after the kids clean-up the kitchen. The ice cream shop closes in 20 minutes. Sam’s brother was not helping. Dilemma: On one hand, Sam knew he could do both jobs. On the other hand, Sam felt his brother should cooperate to help get the task completed as quickly as possible. Discussion: What advice do you have for Sam?

Week 2

Situation: Sue and Sam arrived at the kickball field at the same time. Both volunteer to be the pitcher. Dilemma: On one hand, they knew only one of them could be the pitcher. On the other hand, neither one wanted to play another position. Discussion: How could they cooperate to solve this situation?

Week 3

Situation: Sam and his best friend are writing a play to be performed by their club. They disagreed as to the ending of the story. Dilemma: On one hand, Sam thinks his ending is better than his friend’s is. On the other hand, Sam wants to cooperate with his friend. Discussion: What advice do you have for Sam and his friend?

Week 4

Situation: Working in a cooperative group, each person had a specific job to do. One member of the group was not contributing to the group’s goal. Dilemma: On one hand, they could attempt to solve the situation within the group. On the other hand, they could report to the teacher, that one person was not cooperating. Discussion: What advice do you have for the group?


Friday, October 11 at 8:00AM

Woodlawn students and parents will meet by PAL and walk to school. Goodie bags will be given to all students walkers.