Kudos, News, and Monthly Recap

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My apologies for being so delayed in sending you your monthly re-cap. I'm having the hardest time putting the way I feel about November into words.

I guess first things first and the easiest is THANK YOU! Thank You to every active stylist on this team. Thank You to everyone who sold one bracelet and Thank You to everyone who sold 100. Thank you to all the brand new stylists who decided to take a chance on Stella & Dot and launch their business this quarter. Thank You to all the stylists who have literally been on this journey with me for years. Thank You to everyone who set a goal in November and did not stop until it was reached. THANK YOU - Because of all of you, Team Moxie is a Director Team!

Earning a Director Title is a direct side effect of YOU setting your goals and reaching them. I would not have this title if it wasn't for Joelly Belman being a consistent (and now Heart of Leadership) Star Stylist for 4+ months in a row who has her Ruby Charms team of amazing stylists rocking it out every month. And then there is Sarah Obenour who said she would not stop in November until she was a Star Stylist and made it happen on November 29th - but in order to do that she needed brand new, just out of her Jump Start Nicole Breton to sponsor a new stylist and promote to Associate Stylist. I would not be a Director if stylists like Sheila Markowitz, Gillian Powell, Crista Oehler, Leslie Borkenhagen, Ashley Green, and Mary Gies didn't sell $1000's of dollars each month. I would not have a Director title if stylists like Kisha Richards and her Bold Bangles, Angela and Shirlene didn't consistently meet their goals month after month. I would not have a Director title if stylists like Michele Panczyszyn and Pamela Wimmer didn't continue their journey's with Stella & Dot and stick with me through and through. I would not have a Director title if stylists like Christine Schroyer didn't bring along a friend and together set a goal to qualify for the month and promote to Lead Stylist. The list goes on and on because there were 34 of you who were actively working your Stella & Dot business in November and I couldn't be more thankful for all you!

I can remember back to my first couple of Home Office sponsored trainings (like Hoopla and BootCamp) when I first realized I wanted to explore taking my Stella & Dot career down the leadership path. I sat in the room surrounded by other stylists who were already Directors listening to their stories and my sabetours set in - "I could never be a Director", "I'm not as good at this as they are", "I do not know enough people - how will I ever sponsor and lead like they do", "I'm an Introvert", "I work a FT job - everyone here does S&D FT"...and the list goes on and on.

For those of you who have been with S&D for a long time now I think you know I lead this team very organically - I always say it will happen when it is supposed to happen. I never want to push anyone unless of course you want to be pushed - that is what is so great about this business. YOU decide - it's your business your way. When you first sign up to be a stylist it may be because you want the cute jewelry - heck, that was the reason why I joined. The Garden Party was a $248 necklace and I could join for $199? It only made sense :) But if you give it some time - and I mean some real time (not 2 months) you may find yourself heading down a whole different path then you ever intended. After my first year of struggling in the business I made a decision to enter into a 5 year plan - I'm in year 4 right now and I cannot wait to see what happens!

Now I realize I am rambling - so I will close with this. Stella & Dot is what you want to make of it. It is your journey, your way. Set your goals - whether they are monthly, quarterly or yearly. Keep plugging away - do not let the sabetours in - because if I can do this, so can you! It may take 6 months or it may take 4 years. (Remember comparison is the thief of joy so only look at your journey and no one elses).

Your leadership team is here to support you in whatever goals you have for yourself and remember those goals can and will always be changing! For anyone ready to make us a Senior Director team, I say bring it on!
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Promotion Commotion!

We had a record breaking 7 Promotions and Re-Promotions in November! Because of you setting your goals and working your business to the fullest you have directly impacted the lives of so many people! Congratulations to the following Stylists:

Straight From the Leader Dashboard - You've all Made a Name for Yourselves!

Our Top 10 and those who Qualified for the Month with $500 or more in Retail Sales!

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Congratulations to everyone whether you sold one necklace or 100!

1 Rene Kauder 7,979

2 Sarah Obenour 7,407

3 Sheila Markowitz 6,456

4 Joelly Belman 6,368

5 Gillian Powell 5,338

6 Crista Oehler 4,256

7 Mary Gies 3,090

8 Leslie Borkenhagen 2,974

9 Nicole Breton 2,799

10 Samantha McIlwain 2,004

11 Ashley Green 1,945

12 Shirlene Archer 1,762

13 Pamela Wimmer 1,523

14 Heather Connors 1,517*

15 Jeanne Serpa 1,411

16 May Garcia 1,351

17 Alexis Holzberger 1,288*

18 Kisha Brown-Richards 1,264

19 Beth Van Gelder 1,095

20 Yinglak Wong 997

21 Victoria Ramey 918

22 Michele Panczyszyn 917

23 Angela Jones Hackley 906

24 Megan Kelly 827

25 Hillary Doyle 800

26 Christina Bennett 796*

27 Christine Schroyer 649

28 Paulette Payne 644

29 Whitney Garman 612*

30 Julie Raynel Koch 592*

31 Amanda Yaeger 557*

32 Yu-ting Wei 512*

33 Samantha Terrio 508*

34 Veronica Lozano 500*

*Stylists in their Jump start - Way to launch your business!

Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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Glam Getaway Incentive 2014

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Please SAVE THE DATE - Those of you in the Metro DC area (and those who want to come in for a weekend - I'm sure someone would love to have you as a house guest) we will have the privilege and the honor of having now PLATINUM Director and Gem Fatales Founding Leader, Tracey Ohlhausen Schwartz with us December 13-14.

Saturday, December 13th, from 6-9pm, please join us for a festive get together at my home. See invite for more details.

Sunday, December 14th, from 11am to 1pm, all Emerging Leaders (Lead Stylists and above) are welcome to attend a Leader Brunch at Brio Tuscan Grille in Rockville, MD. See invite for more details.

Moxie Leader Forum

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Rene Kauder, Director, Coach and Mentor

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