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May 3, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Judy St. Louis

Judy is in her 22nd year in the Belton School District, and serves as our Business Manager on 3rd floor. She can be reached by email and 489-7006. She started at BHS as a 1:1 para, moved to become their attendance secretary, then went to CO's Accounts Payable. She became the Business Manager in 2000.

Her responsibilities include:

*Oversee the functions and work done by Accounts Payable (Tracy & Jo) and Payroll Benefits (Shawna & Linda)

*Manages the banking and finances; assists Dr. Bob Poisal with budgeting and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for financial services needed by the district

*Handles reconciliations, assigns activity accounts, budget transfers and adjustments, and manages the investments for the district

*Ensures funding received from local, state, and federal entities is appropriated correctly

*When the district has its annual audit, she is the liaison coordinating the process

*SISFin Portal -- along with Shawna Leeper, assists staff with login questions

*SISFIN -- primary contact when using the accounting & financial side of the SISFin system

Coaches' Corner -- from BSD Instructional Coaches

When someone does an act of kindness for you, post a note on the BSD Instructional Coaches' Facebook page (or email it if you aren't on social media), and you will be entered into our prize drawing. Your post can name the person who did the kind act if you'd like, but mostly they want to flood their page with a "BSD Virtual Kindness Tree."

This challenge will be open until May 18th. Let the kindness begin!

The Instructional Coaches would like to announce the winners of the Butterfly Effect Facebook challenge!!

Watch this video to see who the BIG WINNERS are!

We selected our winners using this Random Name Picker from Try this tool in your classroom!

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In case you missed Friday's message from the Payroll & Benefits Department...

It’s that time of year - your annual opportunity to review your current benefit elections and choose the best health benefits for you and your family. That means it’s the perfect time to sign up for a healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA), a valuable benefit that helps you pay for health-related, out-of-pocket costs not covered by your insurance.

Online enrollment will be open from May 2 - May 13. All staff are required to complete the process, regardless if you choose to use the flexible spending account options or not. Click the "big font link" below for the information you will need. Contact Shawna Leeper and/or Linda Fisk if you have questions. (NOT McConnell )

Flexible Spending Open Enrollment Information

Conscious Discipline Column -- from BOSCO's Betsy Warren

Children cannot behave differently until we see them differently. If all you are willing to see is a bully, then a bully is all you'll ever get. If you are willing to see a child who is hurting or lacking social skills, then we have something to work with! Try using the Skill of Positive Intent script the next time your student (or own child at home) makes a poor choice:

"You wanted___________ (state the desire) so you________ (hurtful action). You didn't know what else to do (positive intent message). You may not_________ (hurtful action) because it is hurtful. When you want ________ (state the desire) say '_________' (teaching the new skill). Let'e practice this now".

It would sound like this, "You wanted Bobby's iPad so you grabbed it from his hand. You didn't know what else to do. You may not take the iPad without permission because it is hurtful. When you want his iPad, say 'Can I please have your iPad? Let's practice this now".

Email Cody Newman, Rob Shoemaker, Tommy Coovert, or Blaine Adams for tickets!

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Summer Technology Institute

The plan is to have the Summer Technology Institute on Monday, August 1, and Tuesday August 2. Certified staff can earn a single CEU credit by attending both full days of the Institute, plus an additional 3-hour session on Thursday, August 4.

What we need from you: feedback regarding the Institute -- do you want to attend? What would you like to see offered? Give your feedback here!

Oh, and FREE t-shirts to 3-4 lucky feedback-givers, if you leave your name!

New Opportunity from the Superintendent of School Improvement & Technology Integration Specialists

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Teacher Appreciation Week


This week, our nation recognizes and honors teachers across the country for their tireless efforts on behalf of our students, everywhere from small towns and suburbs, to rural communities and Tribal lands, to big cities. Teachers have one of the most challenging and fulfilling jobs — literally shaping and changing lives.

If you are a teacher, or if you know one, you know the long hours and hard work that go into designing challenging lessons, guiding students and providing feedback, engaging with parents and families, collaborating with colleagues, reflecting on instruction, and staying abreast of research.

But much of the work you do also is about the intangible — it’s about fostering that almost indescribable, and yet unmistakable, spark between you and your students. It’s there when you see the potential in every student who walks through your door, even when he may not yet recognize his own gifts.

For me, the importance of teachers is personal. My own teachers saved my life providing me with the love, support, safety, and skills that laid the foundation for the many opportunities I’ve been fortunate to have throughout my career in education.

Teaching is truly the profession that launches every career. Thank you for sharing with your students your passion for world languages, music, literature, math, science, theater, history, and myriad other subjects. Thank you for empowering our youth and for furthering social justice by never being satisfied until every child has access to an excellent education.

We understand that teacher voice is a crucial part of conversations that impact your classroom and your profession, and we are committed to ensuring you are supported so you can do your best work on behalf of our children every day.

Today and every day, we celebrate and thank you for the vital role that you play in supporting students and strengthening the future of our nation.

With immense gratitude,

John B. King, Jr.
Secretary of Education
U.S. Department of Education