I Want That Job!


What is Your Name and What Do You Do?

A Psychologist is somone who studies the mind of humans behavior. In this job you have a few different choices within the job. Such jobs you could choose from are, transitioning soldiers from the battlefield back home, help people over come their fears, or even tech sports players with their mental focus.

Skills and Knowledge Needed

To become a Psychologist you will need to have a masters or doctoral degree (Phd). If you want to work by yourself or you want to start your own business then you will have to acquire a license. A skill you will have to have would be, being able to speak comfortable in front of people and being able to listen to what people have to say, even if what they say seems untrue. You will also want to have a keen interest in people, compassion, patience, and the ability to open up.

Getting Hired and CA$H

Their are different companies that hire in this job area. Some of those companies are, The U.S. Army, Kaiser Permanente, and Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you were to become a Psychologist you would get paid pretty well. Annual salary would be $67,880 every year. The projected job growth for being a Psychologist would be much faster than average it would be at least 21% or more.
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