Coffee in a Flash

Come help your school!

Our Story

Coffee in a Flash is a student-run organization at Franklin Central High School where all proceeds are returned to the school for the students' benefit, Our goal is to help fund as many clubs and activities as possible to reduce costs and elevate student participation in Franklin Central activities. Established in 2014, Coffee in a Flash was created by the Business Department and lead by Mr. McCormick's Advanced Business Management class.

So, come and join us for a hot or cool drink that will be the right way to start your day and give back to our school.

Thank you from your Coffee in a Flash Staff.

Help Us Support a Unified Track Team !

What :

A unified track team is a team that brings together people with intellectual disabilities with people who have the advantages of being able to be involved in school sports.


By purchasing a vintage jersey from Coffee in a Flash you contribute to our goal of making this organization possible for our community at Franklin Central High School.


Coffee in a Flash is open Monday - Friday from 7 am to 7:40 every morning.


Coffee in a Flash located in the main cafeteria of Franklin Central High School

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