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Friday, December 1st, 2017


**Please check in with your child. ALL students, regardless of math teacher, need to have ear buds/headphones for the chromebooks. In addition, every student needs a white board marker. My stash of 40 markers is just about gone!

Mrs. Close's Class ~ We continue to make our way through Module 3. You'll find two corrected Topic Quizzes in your child's Friday Folder. We have two sections of the unit left; reasoning with divisibility and long division with three and four digit dividends. The new grading period has begun....I'll be looking forward to more Exit Ticket corrections!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We have been working hard on multiplication. We are multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit numbers. Everyone has a strategy that they feel successful with. Most are using the traditional method. Next week we begin division. This can be difficult for kids at first, but eventually they will be dividing pros! We will be using the traditional/standard long division algorithm. I encourage the students to study their math facts every night. They can now use Xtra Math online to help with that. Please let me know if you are having difficulty with that website.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ This week we began to learn how to divide. We started by using a place value chart and then distributed the numbers into the number of groups we were dividing. While doing this I showed the relationship between distributing the numbers and the long division method. On Wednesday, we took the place value charts away and just used the long division method. Ask your child what DMSCB stands for. Next week we will continue to work on division and look at what exactly it means to have a remainder.


To say this unit has been tricky would be an understatement. Our crayfish weren't healthy so we have very limited time with them. However, our snails were great! Check out the photo below of the snail pull. Be sure to have your child fill you in!
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Ornament Workshop

We will be crafting on Monday, December 15th from 9:00-10:30. Please sign up below with the signupgenius link if you'd like to help. No worries......it's not difficult to be a "head crafter!"


Small Groups ~ We have started new novels! One group is reading Crenshaw. The other two titles are Wringer and Skinnybones. There is nothing better than talking about characters with 4th graders!

Read Aloud ~ We finally finished Ruby Holler. It is such a great book with dynamic characters. Today, I started The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Those Herdman kids are unforgettable.

PAWS ~ Two assignments down! Next week's task will be related to the debate the kids read about in their Scholastic News. Should kids miss school to go on vacation????

Research ~ Out next major unit will be about the explorers who had an impact on New York State. Kids will be pulling information from selected data bases and books from the library. They will compile the information and create a fake Facebook page for the explorer. This should be fun!!!!


Kids will need to be prepared with their instruments on Tuesday for lessons and Thursday for band and orchestra ensembles.

Dates to Remember

December 7 ~ Evening Parent Conferences

December 8 ~ Early Release, Parent Conferences

December 18 ~ Ornament Workshop

December 25 - January 1 ~ Christmas Break, No School