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Week 2 | Overview of Relay For Life

The Power of Purple

Welcome to week 2! This week is an exciting one as your will be introduced to more Relay specific topics, and you will start to learn the foundation of Relay.

This week we will build upon the knowledge you gained, and will help put some of the pieces together as you learn some specifics about the Relays you will be staffing. You will also be working with your Sr. Manager to understand the expectations of your role in the next 3 months. Below are the key topics you will focus on this week.

What you will focus on for Week 2...

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Experience and Learn

Throughout the Onboarding process you will be given opportunities to experience different aspects of Relay For Life. Through Pathways, you will be assigned to complete these experiences and do some personal reflection on what you just experienced. Depending on your portfolio, you may have other events or activities to shadow. Our open to everything! Get out there and shadow and learn and observe as much as you can. Suggested experiences include:
  • Kickoff - The launch of a Relay For Life event in a community
  • Team Captain Meeting - Regular meetings before the event to motivate, educate, assist and lead your team captains
  • Committee Meetings - Monthly meetings with Relay leaders to discuss planning and development of the Relay event
  • Full Relay For Life event - We want to you see a full Relay from start to finish through the eyes of a staff partner before you start staffing your own events.

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