Advanced AARI

EdCamp 2016

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August 10-11


@ Oakland Schools

If you haven't already, register here.

What's New?

Come to Advanced to learn more about...

  • Updated Text Structures
  • Inquiring Minds
  • Launching miPLACE
  • Introducing online QRI modules

miPLACE: Virtual Professional Community

AARI will be launching its virtual professional community in Oakland School's new miPLACE. Stay updated. Dialogue with colleagues. Get resources. Watch videos. And so much more. Learn more about miPLACE and create your own FREE account here.

Inquiring Minds

Have you ever stopped in the middle of teaching, scratched your head, and thought, "That really makes me wonder. I want to explore this more"?

Of course you have! You're an AARI educator who loves questions and the journey to understanding.

Join other AARI educators in a year-long action research project that will explore questions about AARI and how it accelerates students' reading comprehension and confidence. What will the outcome be? We don't know exactly. But we're excited to join together on the journey!

Inquiring Minds group(s) will form during Advanced and meet throughout the year during AARI Design Studios.

Online QRI Modules

Want a QRI refresher? Have colleagues who want to give QRI? Want to learn more about the new recommended passages? Now you can do that from the comfort of your home, with a group of educators, ANYWHERE! (with internet connection)

Beginning August 1, we will be releasing self-paced, online training modules to learn how to administer the QRI for AARI. Check out miPLACE to be ready for their release!

*Note: AARI will be using the QRI 6 moving forward. For those of you using 4 or 5, feel free to continue. For those of you purchasing new materials, we recommend QRI 6.