By Achsah Martin:)


Conductors are materials that freely allow flow of electrons with very little resistance.

In the picture below, the conductor is flowing freely through the insulator.

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Semiconductors are materials that do not allow flow of electrons to flow freely but don't directly stop them either.

The picture below is a computer chip, which is made out of silicon(a semiconductor).

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Insulators are materials that greatly impede or stop the flow of electrons with very high resistance.

In the picture below, the insulator is stopping the conductor from shocking anything.

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Compare and Contrast

They are alike because they all move or affect electrons.

They are different because a Conductor moves the most freely, a Semiconductor doesn't flow as freely but it doesn't completely stop, and an Insulator stops the flow of electrons with high resistance.

Real World Situations

-We use conductors to cook food on the stove, such as a metal pan.

-We use semiconductors to go on any computer or laptop.

-We use Insulators to keep anyone from getting electrocuted, such as the protecting around the wire on headphones.