Intensive Reading

Mrs. Rolle

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Contact Information

(407)835-2300 ext#6092202

Course Objective

This course is designed to strengthen the student’s reading fluency and comprehension skills. It is designed to assist the student in making substantial learning gains, thereby leading to reading proficiency.

Course Description

Click this link for a description of this Course:

1st Day Class Procedures and Classroom

  • Login to your google chrome browser on your laptop. This will give you access to google apps and make it easier to save your work.
  • Click this link to fill out personal information:
  • When creating different accounts, all user names and password should be the same as your google account. student# and birthday.
  • Click link: then go to canvas (red icon)

Grading and Attendance Policy

JHS School attendance policy will be enforced. Tardy is considered not being in your seat when the bell rings. Make-up work will be given for excused absences.

Check Progress Book and Edmodo daily for missing assignments.

Class Rules

1. You are responsible in all ways for your laptop- make sure it is kept safe and know what content is on it.

2. Arrive to class on time- Be in your seat when the late bell rings

3. Treat everyone in the room, and their materials with respect

4. Food and drink need to be consumed or put away before entering the classroom

5. Listen to the ideas of each other

Classroom Procedures and Acknowledgement Form

After the rules and procedures have been viewed, open this link to complete the syllabus acknowledgement form:

Information about your Digital Device