Crisis in ukraine

How it all began

Russian president Vladimir Putin sent thousands of troops into Crimea. He claims he needs to protect the Russian people who live there. Western countries such as the Us. Uk and and France say Russia's take. Over the region and violates international laws.
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What's going on?

What's going in Crimea

The rransdniestria a region of Moldova declared its independence in1990 although no countries in the United Nations recognizes it. It's population of about 500,000 people is about one third ethnic Russian and some members of its pano meant have urged Russia to annex the region. Crimea is the only ukraine region where most people living there believing they are Russian. Tensions grew when a group of armed men took over the government buildings and raised the Russian flag.
Ukraine Protest 2014 | Kiev: Triage in Crisis | The New York Times
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