What animals are service animals.


Panda is a small miniature pony. He is a helper pony for Ann Edie. Her coat is a beautiful black and white. She was the first pony ever to be trained to help a blinded person. Panda can go on plane rides go in restaurants and other places. Panda relaxes on the carpet in the den. Panda is house broken. When Panda needs to go to the bathroom outside she rings a bell on the door to let Ann know to go out side. All Ann has to say is find the door and Panda will show Ann exactly where the door is. Ann has 3 other horses that she rides. Robin one of the big horses lets Panda share some of his hay. The horses are clicker trained.

Guide dogs

Other guide animals

guide dogs

The guide dogs start at 6 weeks old. The most popular dog is the Labradors and the golden retrievers. They test the puppy to see if they are gentle and weather the puppy is clever enough. The puppy lives with a family for the first year. The family members too makes sure the puppy recognizes as many sights and sounds as possible. If the puppy shows that he or she is ready to lean they send it back to lean how to be a guide dog. the dog leans the sound of its own doorbell. Then the dog will lead the owner to the door. The dog will lean over 90 spoken words.